APL SEA SHIPPING LLC is a new kind of logistics partner custom built for the needs of today’s evolving world.

Drawing on three decades of deep experience in delivery management, APL SEA SHIPPING LLC has integrated the regional footprints and vertical expertise of Fleetgistics, JS Logistics, Best Transportation and others to create a leading national logistics offering under a single unified brand.

Our Adaptive Delivery Solutions combine unmatched coordination of delivery with robust customer experiences to help leading brands and businesses stay ahead of change and win in the delivery economy.

same day Deliveries

With crossdocking facilities in most major metropolitan areas in the Northeast and Midwest, APL SEA SHIPPING LLC helps our customers enhance delivery efficiency and labor utilization while reducing storage and handling costs amid changing capacity demands and geographic requirements.

With proven sorting and package handling processes and highly secure facilities, our customers can count on minimal claims and damages while maximizing the positive impact to their delivery operation and bottom line.  Some of the benefits our customers achieve from our crossdocking services include:


  • Reduced storage costs
  • Enhanced labor utilization
  • Increased fill rates
  • Operational efficiency
  • Minimal claims and damages
  • Faster delivery turnaround

Domestic Deliveries

At APL SEA SHIPPING LLC, we’re more than a delivery network, we’re a business partner. That’s why we work closely with our customers to design Adaptive Delivery Solutions that align with business goals and boost bottom lines.

Customers know they can count on the APL SEA SHIPPING LLC team to connect them with a network of reliable independent professionals to get their packages, documents, and media where they need to be in the most effective, efficient and secure way possible.

If your delivery doesn’t fit within the regular daily routes of our network of professionals, we’ll create custom scalable delivery routes that maximize efficiency and productivity to help keep your business running smoothly. Whether it’s one stop or a thousand, same-day or next-day delivery, no route is too complex for our network of expert delivery professionals and vehicle fleets.

Wherever your packages need to be, our express same-day logistics solutions will make sure they arrive safely and securely, on-time and on-budget. With APL SEA SHIPPING LLC, it’s routed delivery with business impact.

worldwide Deliveries

We live in an on-demand world. Businesses and individuals expect things where, when and how they want it. That’s where APL SEA SHIPPING LLC’s on-demand network comes in.

From auto parts and medical supplies to prescriptions, software components and everything in between, our professional delivery network is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to pick up your critical package and get it where it needs to be, intact and on-time.

No matter where you need to deliver, NY, DC, Chicago, LA or anywhere else across the country, we have access to a network of professionals whose vans and lift-gate trucks will get your package to its destination, same-day.

On-demand is in-demand and APL SEA SHIPPING LLC delivers.